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Was a fun night, getting tired of the snow thou

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Well lets just say I can barely move my upper half of my body.  I shoveled for almost 3 hours straight last night.  Stupid hardpack snow and snowmachine tracks/ruts.   Buddy got some pictures, I made it farther than anyone else did in the past 3 months, made my turn around down the hill and found the deepest drift out there lol.  It was waist deep in a few spots.  





Finally got close enough to my buddies to stretch out 200+ feet of chain and strap and held on for a fun ride.  After walking my ruts we found out I drove over a pile of rocks that woulda tore the bottom of my car to shreds, guess thats the one good thing about the snow being as hard packed as it was, it let me slide over the top instead of plowing into it.  


Pics dont really do justice cuz I was standing on top of the hard pack, The snow packed under my front clip had almost turned to concrete by the time I got out of the car and started shoveling.  Temp was 28F and starting to snow 


The bronco in the back of the first picture ended up blowing a motor where it sat, he sat there for 4 more hours after I got out




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~20 Psi   Problem was the hard and soft spots.  you walk 2 steps and fall in 2 feet, I dont think a subaru could have stayed on top unless it was on 35"s under 10 psi

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