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  1. torxxx

    JUSTY Lift Kit Now Available SJR

    any updated pics of the lifted justy?
  2. torxxx

    The Monster Legacy

    Wasnt that project for sale on craigslist a while back?
  3. torxxx

    its hammer time again

    I like the strut repair. That is the weak point in the EA series cars. I stopped offroading my 86 because every time I hit hard on the rear I blew the springs off the strut the same way to you did! Have fun there and take lots of pics!
  4. torxxx

    Boosting a non turbo l wagon

    keep the boost low and you will be fine. I was thinking of running ~4 psi on my frankenmotor. My situation would be race fuel only with a turbo'd high comp motor, but if done right with a standalone ECU I dont see any issues. Its been done before, I've followed a few builds on FB where guys have done it and it worked
  5. as for the visors, they are all horrible. I tried everything from 1980 to 2007 in my 98 Outback, ended up taking them out of the car completely and use sunglasses now. Any parts store will have fusible links, I Wouldnt mess with them, they are a thing of the pass. Get a re-settable DC breaker. Might cost a bit more than a fusible link, but they make a loud click when they pop and you just push a button just like a GFI household outlet. Yes AC shuts off at WOT
  6. torxxx

    my '98 Foz

    looks like karma got you... theres your apples and oranges buddy... lol
  7. torxxx

    windshield washer/squirter upgrades?

    true, I never use the rear squirter, so I could just route that up to the drivers side. I got a few 00-04's and 1 2005 at the shop I'll go see what I can scavenge
  8. torxxx

    Dry Sump on a 2.5L?

    holy S@#%.... thats worth more than all 11 of my subarus.....
  9. torxxx

    windshield washer/squirter upgrades?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-DC-5L-min-60W-Micro-Car-Diaphragm-High-Pressure-Water-Pump-Automatic-Switch-/230821527143 now just if I can figure out a water storage place under the hood. maybe where the air conditioning sits now (dont work anyways might as well rip it out) 80 psi @ 5 liters per minute, that should work
  10. Getting really tired of the factory system when I'm wheeling. I'm looking for something to put about 4x the amount of water on the window than what the current system is running. Other than adding 3 more washer bottles (not sure if I have room under my hood for 3 more) has someone found a pump that is either a direct fit but higher volume or a system that takes minor modification? I'd like to keep my bottle where but I need more flow!
  11. torxxx

    Dry Sump on a 2.5L?

    Just wondering if anyones done it? Seeing how the oil pan ends up being one of the lower points of the engine I'm wondering if a dry sump oil system would work? It would also raise the capacity of the oiling system and eliminate aeration of the oil..
  12. Working on a 2008 AVLS 2.5L this weekend at a buddies shop and we ended up tearing the threads out of the #1 or "A" bolt hole. M11x1.25 thread size, we found a helicoil kit online that looks like it will work but I figured I'd check with you guys first. Anyone have a kit or part # that has successfully repaired a head bolt thread thingy in the block? lol sorry bout the improper English, I'm running a few hours of sleep over the entire weekend. Notes: There are literally no threads left in the block, it managed to take all of it out when the bolt came out. Took about 30 minutes to get that bolt out.
  13. torxxx

    Shifter Mods?

    if my car wasnt covered in mud, I'd climb under it and take pictures of what my setup looks like. IF you really need the picture, I can go hose off the car and snag a photo
  14. torxxx

    So I went wheeling today

    squirt a tad of oil down the plug holes and retest it. see if the oil makes a difference I've never been a fan of using a compression tester for a headgasket tester. Block test the radiator if you really think you blew a HG. Subarus tend to blow the fire ring out and pressurize the cooling system with exhaust so the block test works the best. 120 PSI sounds like a slighty burnt valve or a carboned up valve seat And when you said you saw water in the oil, was it just water or was it actually coolant? I've seen maybe 2 or 3 Subaru engines ever go coolant to oil, its really hard for the HG to blow that way if you look at where the oil ports are vs the coolant ports. You've got a 1/8" fire ring right up against a coolant jacket, where as the oil ports have a lot of gasket between them and the coolant passages. Dipstick tube O-rings bad? dipstick pop out while you were in that hole? Forget to put the oil cap on?