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EA81, '83 BRAT, EGR? I need info fast!

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So I just had my engine pulled out of my '83 Brat to replace the rear-main seal. Turns out it didn't even have a rear-main seal. Anyways I also found out that the entire EGR system has been plugged. The EA81 in this car is not original so I was wondering if Brats had an EGR system in 1983. If they did, then my engine has been swapped illegally and won't pass inspection; however, if they didn't, then plugging up the EGR system makes sense and is legal. I need to know fast, so any information would be greatly appreciated!

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i believe they all had it.  I havent heard of a factory block off till the legacy's, but I could be wrong if there are rare cases.


what do you mean by plugged?  the egr is internal to the heads and manifold with the exception of the actual egr valve.  is it just blocked off at the valve, simply unhooked, or has the tube from the head to the manifold been removed?  if the big tube coming off the egr is plugged it doesnt affect the egr system, thats for the anti afterfire valve.


Assuming that the internal components are still there, you can get an egr valve from a junkyard and bolt it on for an instant egr system (you just have to run 1 vacuum hose.  if you live in a very restrictive state and the car must have all systems to pass, then you will need an antiafterfire valve which hooks to the second port of the egr.  the anti afterfire valve isnt part of the actual egr system but its hooked to it.


pics would help

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There are two small pipes that come out horizontally from the engine right by where the exhaust pipes come down out of the engine. These two small pipes have been cut and welded shut. Then, there are other ports (or holes, I don't know) in the engine block that I am pretty sure are for sensors (like 02 sensors etc.) that don't have the sensor plugged into them. Instead they just have a bolt or something else screwed in, and are welded shut. Besides the small pipes, there are only one or maybe two ports that are plugged like this. I should've taken pics, but now the shop where it's at is closed, but thanks for the info.

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no sensors unless you have a feedback carb, and they wouldnt plug into the block.  Maybe from removed brackets if they took A/C or power steering out.


the 2 metal pipes are for the ASV system, not the egr system.  it pumps air into the exhaust to aid the catalyst.  look just behind the heads of the car for the asv valves (maybe 1 valve in EA81, not sure).  it will be squareish with 2 ports, one threaded and 1 meant for a rubber hose.  if they bothered to weld the tubes Im sure they pulled them but if not then all you have to do is get a new tube from the JY.  debatable whether it will make your readings go up on an emission test but it could.  cant help on the inspection thing, we dont have that here.  if they are specific about what systems are on it then maybe you can skate.


im guessing that the holes your talking about are next to the carb?  there are a few mounting points for vacuum switches and such.  im guessing they removed some of the valves that run the carb but I would have to see it to know.  does it have a weber?  stock it will have a peanut shaped air box with a couple hundred hoses running everywhich way.  if its been webered or the the carb has been gutted then it will be missing a lot of the hoses and maybe the airbox as well.


the EGR is a round valve on the back of your intake manifold.  it will be supplied with manifold vacuum to operate the valve, and as long as the metal pipe from the head runs to the manifold and the valve is working then all the EGR system is there.  cant say whether it works or not though.  if you see a plate with 2 bolts in the back of your manifold then the egr has been removed.


does your engine look like the one in this thread?



or does it look like the one in this one?



really need some pics

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