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Finally after a year of not having a suby to drive, I'm back in one again. I had to sell my Beautiful BRAT last year, do to life's situation. But it went to a suby home so I am happy about that. 


I have been wanting a Impreza wagon for a long time, in particular the Outback Sport, mainly for its styling queues, and added ground clearance, over just the impreza wagon. So this summer I went on the hunt. I really wanted a 99-2001 or 2004...sorry bug eye fans :P


I have 3 rules for a DD, it has to have/be automatic, cruise control and A/C. 

I was willing to fudge a little on the auto part but not cruise and A/C (I drive 4 hours one way to home on the weekends, plus I am always on a trip of some sort.) After searching for about 3 weeks I ended upon this one. I gave a good once over and drove it the 4 hours back home. The guy had more into it in maintenance receipts for the past year (by a lot,) then I paid for it. And he kept it super clean (as the pics will show) so I felt good about that. 


I'm an avid backpacker, kayaker, snowboarder, cyclist kind of guy so I have certain requirements for my "buggy" (otherwise I would have bought an STI and called it a day) I need ground clearance and I want to have some extra pep, and other esthetics, that I envision the car looking like.


So I am going to put a mild build EJ25 in it, forester struts with outback lift blocks, 16 Forester steelies with some AT style tires, tube bumpers, skid plates, and a VLSD, rear discs, and other small stuff along the way....But the more I look at it, and its "beefy stance" I may just leave the ground clearance alone but do the rest....we'll see. 


Here are some pics of how it looked when I got it home..well for the most part. I wasn't going to undo what I have already done. That will be in the build thread. 

















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It was a private owner sale. I replaced the fender. The other one had been backed into, at a parking lot. The title is clean. No I did not do a car fax..I didn't feel as if I needed to. I checked it over very thoroughly before I bought the car, and felt good about the sale. Like I said I paid significantly less for then what the owner had in maintenance receipts for the past 18 months. 


Fortunately for me, the skills center where I work, can paint that right up for me. 

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Ya I really like the 2000-2001 because they came with the rear spoiler. They don't look so "turtle like." the green ones without the spoiler look "turtley" the most. 

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