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Help with EA82 4EAT please...suspected broken stator shaft :(

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I have just just acquired a spare EA82 4EAT (AWD) to check-over and keep as a spare for my car,


I noticed the torque convertor protruding out of the TC housing case a little too much so I removed it to check it out and found this:





Am I correct in saying this is the 'Stator Shaft'? I have no idea how it got broken but Im glad I found this while sitting on the garage floor, not while trying to mount it on an engine:)

The input shaft came out no problem and it seems fine, I havent been able to get the oil pump shaft out yet as the broken shaft (stator?) is swollen on the end but I suspect I am going to score the inside of it while removing it and possibly is already scored if this fracture was present while the tranny was in use....


Any chance anyone has this part and an oil pump input shaft (attaches to rear of torque convertor) from a EA82 4EAT (AWD) available??


By the Parts catalog, it appears this 'Stator Shaft' is secured into the TC housing case with bolts from the inside so it should be a reletively simple fix providing I can get the parts, fingers crossed!


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That part is part of the cast center support is only replacabble if whole center support is changed i probly have one laying around but only from ej 4eat is it the same ?

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Early 4eat guts should work everything except the rear output but even many of those will swap over.


the 90-97 EJ 4eat is mostly identical, and if you are worried about haveing spares you can use the EA bell/diff on the EJ trans.

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It appears that that shaft IS attached to the sandwich plate part, can that be seperated?




(photo not of my transmission) - havent ventured into it yet...


According to this thread : http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/82088-legacy-4eat-into-ea82-turbo/ an EJ trans can be mated to an EA Diff housing so it appears the 'stator shaft', if that is the correct name for it, will be a compatible length and size...

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