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Hi, my 1999 Legacy SUS was recently totaled and I'm in dispute with the insurance company but perhaps I'm wrong and am hoping one of you good folks can help shed some light on the subject as google has NOT.


I thought my vehicle was of the limited edition ilk and the vehicle was was repaired (body work) prior to my purchase several years ago. My question is this, "how can I tell for sure if my SUS was a standard edition or a limited edition"?


Here's what it has:


hood w scoop

rear spoiler

gold and silver wheels

heated seats


walnut interior trim around gear shift, stereo, door panels


Sliding sun roof

Power windows and door locks

Keyless Entry


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I could be wrong but I believe the 1999 SUS as a model were all Limited Editions because they were made as a 30th anniversary edition.  However, in the model year of legacy's limited editions came with leather interior, sunroof, and heated seats I believe as standard.


I think you are running into the difficulty because it was a limited run of the vehicles not necessarily a "Limited" version of the vehicle.  Try contacting the Subaru dealer in your area and get them to give you specific information on your car.  You can also do the online "I want to trade my car" thing and give all the info on your car and see what they come back with.


Hope that helps!

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Cars101.com has all of the option lists for every Subaru since the early 90s.


Look in the archive section (a little way down the list on the left side of the page).


If it has this badge on it : http://m.autozone.com/autozone-mobile/en/accessories/Pilot-Automotive-Limited-edition-Stick-On-emblem/_/N-25wo?id=873375


Chances are high that its not an actual limited edition.

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I Think that ALL 1999 SUS's were Limited trim, but not all were 30yr anniversary


I read somewhere that the 30yr cars all had black interior, 2 tone paint but not any color selection.. I think black or white made up the 30yr cars, and they had a badge that says 30yr on the front fenders.. My '99 SUS is white/ charcoal 2 tone limited trim, with the 30yr badges.


Legacy SUS was replaced by the Outback sedan ( same thing ) in 2000. Not really anything rare about it other than the one year only name

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