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Adjust front door hinge

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Any tips on adjusting the front door hinge?  Mine are slightly worn and the door is hanging a little low, so that means I need to loosen the bolts going into the body and not the door.  With the fender off it looks easy, but can you get a tool in there without removing the fender?


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Thanks guys, I'll give it a go tomorrow!  I tried a 1/4" socket but I couldn't quite make it work, maybe if I had a wobble extension or something.


I do need to clean some leaves out from there so I'll pop off the fender liner and see what I can make of it.

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I got to the lower hinge from the wheel well.  There doesn't seem to be much adjustment there but it didn't need much anyway.  It was full of dirt and leaves as expected so it was good to clean it out.  My car is virtually rust-free, I try to keep it like that.


Door closes perfect now, thanks guys. :)

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