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so i recently bought a 88 gl wagon with 128XXX on it. The day after i bought it i popped a relay when i went to start it, this was after a short drive across town. i had no idea what was wrong but i narrowed it down to ignition wiring problem. took it to a shop that was familiar with Subaru's and owned one himself, but it still took him 2 week to figure out it was my starter, distributor, just a popped relay. the problem was finding the relay because it was moved from is original spot and put up in the dash.

     now recently i have been dealing with a starter that has been going out but only like 2 times a week, so i would hit it and it would start. (i know this doesnt last for ever) tonight i did the same thing, but instead of starting. i went to turn the key to find that it has happened again to my car. my stereo works, but no noise when i turn the key, no lights, no dom lamp because its on the same relay. 

          im not a complete idiot when it comes to cars, but im also not super great with them. i joined here cuz i love my wagon its a great car and i need it asap for the snow thats dumping in my local mountains.

any ideas what my problem is anyone?!?!?

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I think you mean Fuse not relay.  And witrhout rewiring a ton of stuff.....you aren't gonna relocate the Ignition relay.


Relays don't "pop"  And the Ignition relay has nothing to do with the Dome light.


Check the box near the battery that has the fusible links in it.

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The trouble you are having might be due to a loose fusible link connection. This may be the item you are refering to that was moved. The links are normally located in a plastic box that is mounted on the coolant overflow reservoir (the same box Gloyale was refering to). Sometimes the link connections get loose and cause the kind of trouble you are having. The wire connections underneath the box can be a problem at times also. The starter problem could the due to bad solenoid contacts. They can be replaced for around 12 dollars for the set if they are needed. 

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