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difference between vacuum advance manual/auto trans.

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I have an ea81 I know for a fact the vacuum advance on my distributor is bad. The problem is I cannot find a suitable vacuum advance to replace my current one while i send it out for rebuild(have to get to work) So whats the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ADVANCES FOR MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC? also is there a difference between advances with california emissions and without? They're no advances available for my 83 GL brat but I believe a 83 accord will work but the only one i can find is for an auto trans and the brat is 4 speedmanual and also my daily driver til my machinist finishes retrofitting my other subarus control arms

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No difference at all for 83 brats.

Don`t know about the hondas.


For 83 non turbo subes the difference is 4wd or non.

4wds have hitachi distys,2wds nippon denso.


California same same.


I have a good hitachi vacuum advance for an 83 I could let go.

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Thanks for the info I shall PM you


But speaking in generalities (so any random vehicle) besides the curve what difference could there possibly be in advances for manual and auto?


I dont car about curve I just dont want to hurt my brat while i wait for another advance

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Hmmm ok I PM'd you about your extra advance

I am now thinking i can totally put that honda advance on the brat with no long term ill effects as long as there is no pinging

wont be on there for long since i'd rather die than keep any part that came off a hoda on my subarus!

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Sometimes different automobile makers, does share certain parts which usually are made by one of them or a third party; in the case of Old-School Subarus, Fuji Heavy Industries (The Subaru's parent co.) made the LSD Differentials for Subarus and Datsuns / Nissans; another third party companies such like Hitachi, Nippon Denso, Panasonic, etc... made parts that were used in few different brands of cars.


if the Honda and the Subaru advances shares the same mounting base design, I bet that both Distribuitors were made by the same Company and could move the same amount. 


In example, The Nippon Denso Distribuitors found on 2WD EA82's are almost identical to the certain Suzuki Vitara Distribuitors, also made by Nippon Denso; the main difference is the Side of said disty, where the wires comes out.


I Kindly suggest you to compare both advances outside the distribuitor, you can measure the amount of movement each arm has.


Kind Regards.

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