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Longer Struts in my '95 Legacy LS


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Hey Everyone. I have a '95 Legacy LS. I'm pretty sure it's about time to change the struts. I believe they are original parts on a legacy with 350k on it. I was thinking about putting some outback struts on it, hopefully giving it 1 to 1-1/2 inch lift. Just enough room for a slightly more aggressive tire. I'm not sure if I can just swap the struts out or do I need to swap other parts out in addition to make it all compatible. Thanks for any input you have



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Get a set of 4 struts for a 98 Legacy Outback and they will bolt right in. Re-use your springs ect.

If you carefully cut and bend the brackets that the brake hoses go through you can sneak them out of the old and into the new without having to open the brake system and then have to bleed it after. Take the clip off, slide the hose up, and cut in the middle of where the clip slides on. Bend it out as two tabs, then do the same on the new struts and bend them back flat before putting the clip back on.


Rear struts will be a bit of a struggle to get into place. Unhooking the sway bar helps.


205/75r15's will fit fine, bigger and you will need to "adjust" the wheel wells to clear. If you use the trailing arm brackets from an Outback or Forester it will help center the rear wheels in the wheel well. It bolts on under the rear floor and the E brake cable also bolts to it.

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