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EJ22 powered Rx7 ----> now working on EG33

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I figure I would share my project over the last few years, it's not really a mazda, it's not really a subaru, I just call it a Mazdaru and is pure awesome in my eyes.   :)


So on to the car.  It's an 1983 shell, hanging on the front of it is all second generation RX-7 front steering, brakes and some struts that I built out of some Subaru STI struts with some RX-7 tabs grafted onto them.  The rear axle is out of Toyota 4-runner.  The engine is a EJ22 out of an early 90s Subaru Legacy along with the full chassis and engine harness.  The transmission is a W58 out of a celica/supra using bill hinchers bell housing.  This project is the whole reason that bell housing was made, so after much pleading and begging he finally gave in a started making them.   
So any who, some banging and some welding and sorting out all the wiring and 2 and half years later, it's a runner and driver and it's awesome.  
So on to some pictures, because really, it's all about the pictures.   :)
So lets start at the vary start.  This old girl was beat.  It had been a rally car for most of it's life, the nose was all sorts of messed up so it spent some time with hydraulic rams and fun stuff to make it straight again.  
Some pics of the rear end.  Shockingly i didn't have narrow the axle it all.  Just had to have the hubs redrilled to a 5 lug and to some brakes I wanted.
Toyota and mazda axles side by side
in and happy
Engine mated to the transmission
Next came some fitting of the engine.
In and happy
Who doesn't love one off exhausts, but it all fit very well
Bada bing bada boom, flash forward many many months and the first time it pulled out of the garage
A rattle can paint job later, and she's a done driving awesome car.
So that's it, for the most part.  I have been driving and enjoying the crap out it, it's a fun little car.  But I do have future plans.  Mainly a bigger engine from the Subaru SVX.  Nothing like the sound of a flat 6.   :)  
More to come when I get some time in the garage.  But I'm shooting for next years WCSS to be a driver and win the "what the crap is this" section.   ;)
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just a little love with a BFH to make it fit.  oddly enough the larger non reduction starter fir better then what I thought was the more compact of the two. the meat of it is closer to the center line so it fits better.  


what instructional disc did Bill send you?  

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The eg isn't to bad. I have seen weights of around 250lb for a long block. And the ej sat about 99% behind the front axle line. I think maybe the crank pully was about the only thing in front of it. So I'm not expecting to much of a difference between the two.


But I just was out looking at the svx I'm picking up tomorrow. So during my winter break I can start tearing into it and get this thing going.

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Nothing huge really.  The engine is out and in the garage right now.  I have the intake off because I had a fair share of broken vacuum tubes and all that fun jazz.  But what I'm finding is the harness under the intake is rather crunchy and every time I move it, it seems to break more and more.  I found a glued on button from a rebuild shop on the motor that tells me at some point in it's life it's been replaced.  So I'm wondering if the old motor might have gotten really hot and cooked the harness.  


I know a couple guys that do small wiring work and going to see what they would charge me to just redo that part of the harness.  That or I might do it, but something need to be done with it regardless.  Other then the wiring, the crunchy hoses are breaking if I look at them wrong.  So once again, that needs to be dealt with. 


Away from the engine, I'm trying to figure out a way of adding another U joint to the steering shaft.  Because of the bigger heads I'm now going to have to run the shaft partly through the frame rail, and with that I'm needing to mix what I have with what is out there in the aftermarket.  I have kicked around the idea of talking with an axle shop that I used to re-drill my axles.  They told me they could put any spline on any shaft, that way I could just use the stock joints and just put it together that way.  


But the main reason I haven't been out in the garage to much is all this school for engineering is hard!! I'm spending 6 days a week at school and I need to give the 7th to the girlfriend or I'm sure she will dump my butt.  I'm drawing it all out in my head and putting it on paper, so when I do get some time I should be ready to go.  



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You should just give up and give me the engine. LOL


I have had a couple moment of just saying eff it with all the other crap going on right now.  But I figure if i just plug away here and there i'll get there eventually.  



Could I see some pics of trans adaptor please


here you go.  :)



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Yeah the bell housing was the key to all this magic.  It was made by a great guy named Bill Hincher, he made a build thread for it somewhere, but I can't seem to find the thread for it right now.  It's the same bell housing monstaru is using in his toyota truck.  


The set up was subaru, flywheel, starter, pressure plate, pilot bearing, clutch fork and slave cylinder.  From the toyota it used the disc.  But all off the shelf stuff.  

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