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So I have a 1983 Brat that I have had a ton of work done on. It finally doesn't leak oil and it runs great. The EA81 in it only has a little over 150,000 miles on it, but all of the ports that have anything to do with the ERG system (or any other emissions control system) have been plugged with bolts and welded shut. The previous owner did all of that. I don't know if that has any relevance, but anytime the windows are down you can smell exhaust (at least I think it's exhaust) really really strongly. I can be going 70-80 mph on the freeway, but if the windows are down I can still smell exhaust.


What could be causing this? Surely, although it is an old car, not all old cars smelled like this. Is there an exhaust leak somewhere between the outtake and the muffler?

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Some of the ports that are plugged in my engine (and again I don't know if this would have any relevance to the exhaust smell) belong to the ASV system too. For pictures and discussions on this go to the Post titled "83 Brat EGR pics" http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/138867-83-brat-egr-pics/ or the Post titled "EA81, '83 BRAT, EGR? I need info fast!" http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/138803-ea81-83-brat-egr-i-need-info-fast/.

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If its only with the windows down, then i think its coming solely from the exhaust pipe. With the windows down, it creates a negative air pressure within the cab, and then the fumes get drawn in from the back of the vehicle.


My GL is kinda bad about fumes, and its especially noticeable going down a dusty road. Keep the windows up and the heater fan on, and the dust and fumes stay out.


Do you have any rust holes, or just crappy weatherstripping?

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My cabin's completely sealed. I think what you said first is what's happening. Air gets sucked in backwards through the windows due to negative air pressure because I tried opening the windows only half way when I was going pretty fast and I felt the airflow. The air was only coming in from the front of the car and there was zero exhaust smell. I think that it smells only when the air is getting sucked from the rear of the car.

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Feanor, I had exactly the same problem with my '87. Windows down pulled exhaust in through under the back gate, where of course I also had a leaky tailpipe. I was rear-ended years ago by a guy chasing a bee inside his car, and I don't think the rear end seals up as good as it used to. I would check to see if you have any rust eating through the top of the tailpipe, I got my muffler replaced and now I only occasionally get a whiff of exhaust. Watch this one carefully, I finally had the muffler done when I started to feel light-headed and groggy after a 20 minute trip, don't let yourself get kilt.

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Hey, I had this SAME problem in my 87' hatch when I bought it a few months ago.

Windows open or closed, I couldn't drive it more than 20 minutes without feeling messed up :drunk: .


Things I have done since then that have helped:

1.) Bought a muffler right off the bat, then I wasn't sick everytime I drove it but I still smelled "gas"

2.) Replaced the filter to the carb, helped a bit.

3.) My rear wing windows had damaged latches so they wouldn't seal. This was due to my hatch also being rear ended and the body work was bent out of shape harhar.

So philoftheblanks, I know what you mean.

I tried using black roof caulking, but that was a bad baad idea. Silicone would have worked, but I was fed up and just applied gorilla tape. Trimmed with razor :zzz: .

Boom, no exhaust coming through the back windows.


4.) Replaced the gas tank cap, WOW bad seal.


Did all this in the listed order and today I don't smell anything.

...except when I tank up lol (for the ~half hour or so after)


Hoped this helped :headbang:

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