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whats difference between an 01/87 RX and an 06/87 GL engine?

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how is MAF sensor different? i thought the RX's MAF was bad because its broken, (put it on good engine in GL and it wouldnt stay running) should they work swapped??


the RX had sat for a while and a lot of electrical is bad (fuel pump, MAF sensor, fuel pump relay)


and will varnished gas clog up injectors or lines anywhere? if i put gas in throttle body with parts all swapped over from GL (pump, MAF, and pump relay) it will fire but doesnt stay running

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The 06/87 engine will be an 88 model year. The 01/87 will be an 87 model year.


The engine itself is identical, but for 87, some of the pinouts on the harnesses may be different, although schematically identical. For example, the distributor has a round plug for 87 and a square plug for 88 and up. Same for the engine temp sensor, and the knock sensor may be a single pin vs a double pin.


When in doubt, use the car's original intake manifold or wire harness on a newer engine.

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Both of those should be later style  (optical disty, Hotwire Maf, controlled wastegate...etc.)


87 XT kept the old system til the 87-1/2 model change over w/ spider intake.


But an RX and a GL from that era should be the same system all the same except as mentioned the connectors could vary as 87 was wonky year.  Ref. and Sig wires of disty swapped in 88+ models.


Any chance the RX has had the engine swapped?  Someone could have swapped the older longblock and turbo into the RX which would explain the direct wastegagte.

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