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Do YOU know how to Gooogle?

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I think we should make this a sticky!!!!

instead of assholes like me continuously stalking retards.

Lets make an FAQ for stupidity!

It would save a lot of faint heart bitches from passing at at every statement of virility.

Please people , Lets move forward with the eduma-cation.


Answering questions in a non context area of the board is anti-productive. When someone asks a question in the wrong forum, simply redirect them to the proper forum.

If you do no know he forum it should be in, ask your Moderators.


Their is not enough moderating time for everything to be done. We need to take it upon ourselves to insist upon proper placement, point it out when we can, and in the end help the flow of the board.


The help may be looked upon as intrusion, however we must take responsibility of the board . I know it sounds like I am preaching mutiny. I know.


BUT, it is not . It is simply a subdirective that I can not accomplish myself. I am much to brash for such undertakings.

I do not , as of now, direct my displeasure to the staff. As I feel they are way to thin to deal with this as it stands.


Please. Do not feed the beast.(unless it is feeding the BEast Mode, then is alright )


I only feel that this place could use a little more wrangling.

I am not the one to do it. As good a Cooler as I am, I need some muscle. Preferably with a good vernacular .


remember,I am literally no-one when it comes to this place. Not a mod.. Usually seen as a trouble maker.

BUT, the reason for the latter is because I would like to see imposed,topic driven discipline . So that we can start genuinely archiving information.

This small-time mentality is only going to ruin the library we have already started..



More specific record keeping , through topic discipline , equals easier referencing. Period.

Cheers, Or not. LOL

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Good points all  and funny to boot.  Now to start redundant threads just for the sake of irritating that jerk from Oly!


Just pokin fun Brian. feel free to :Flame:

Cheers after beers

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