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I bought a 02 wrx wagon from a friend of mine. Loving it so far. Does anyone have any recommendations or tips?

Still kind of cash poor but i could do stuff over time.


Parts list. (Not sure if 100% accurate.)

sti block.

Forged pistons.

32 way Godspeed coils.

Stock bov capped to vent to atmosphere .

No name axleback exhaust can.

05 legacy gt 5 spd tranny.


It has a rebuilt title and supposidly only 30,000 on the motor. 155,000 on the body. I paid 4100$


Thanks guys! this is my first new gen subaru. Cheers! :burnout:

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hmmm...that tranny have the same final drive as WRX rear diff? interesting.


LOTS of good reading at NASIOC if you have the time. good place to shop for parts/take-offs too.

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