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Help me get this window working please!

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So, here is the situation: My drivers side door was pulled from a car with power windows/locks, but my Loyale has manual windows and locks. The window obviously doesnt work, and I want to fix that.. Even if it is a "jimmy rig." I will shell out a few bucks for a manual door if i cant figure out something good.


Bear with me here because I know jack squat about electronics/wiring. I want to know, is there a way to wire the window switch up to my battery? The back of the switch is a mess, it has 5 or 6 posts with a wire running to another switch, and some 10 ohm resistors(i think) running between posts. I was thinking  it would be a bit more simple. Any way to just power the window motor itself? i dont really see how i could control up/down that way though.


Secondly, can i just go pull a few things off of a door at pick n pull, such as the manual handle, and whatever else i need? I am starting to feel dumb here but i'm a bit stumped and its getting awfully warm out to have a stuck window. I wanna feel the breeze this summer. If i should post pics, let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated, if you have ever dealt with something like this before. An idea is an idea so throw em out there if you got em, fellas!


- Walker

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In order to change direction of the motor you simply reverse the polarity of the battery connections to the motor. That is done by using a momentary double pole, double throw switch, and where off is in the middle position. Push the switch one direction and the window goes a certain direction. Push the switch the other way and the window goes the opposite way. The two center contacts of the switch tie to the motor. Power and ground are tied to one side of the outer contacts and then the two wires are reversed going to the other outer set of contacts. Using your existing switch should work but if it is bad get another used one from a salvage yard and solder the connections if you have to. The switches are often refered to as rocker switches.


Here is an example of one:



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Cougar- your reply is appreciated. Yours as well miles, but money is the issue here as usual and I'd rather buy wire than a window track. So, I can use the current switch I have, which is a rocker as you described. The problem is as I said, I am terrible with this stuff.. You may have to help me a bit more when it comes to running wire. Looking at the switch now.

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