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Your chance to help design a car - ComatoseLlama's derby project

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So, I just got my derby car. 92 matte black legacy, fwd ej22. Ej22 will go into my impreza, and ej18 into the legacy, because why not That is after I get it running.


But now to the title, I need design ideas. The number will be 555. But the paint scheme is where I have debate. My ideas were


1: Keep it

2: WRC colors

3: A tribute to the bumblebeasts, radioactive yellow with the black stripe, as a shoutout to all the help JeZek has given so many of us

4. Fighter jet open mouth with olive drab green









This is the car, got it for $200, couldn't not get it. Pic in the p/o driveway. Kid wasn't happy when he found out what I'm using it for, lol



Help me design it!

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