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White smoke after starting

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You didn't say is it auto. or manual transmission? The auto. 3sp trans. had a vacuum modulator valve that would leak ATF into the vacuum hose. The ATF would run into intake manifold and burn the fluid out the tailpipe. So re-check ATF & front differential fluid levels.Hope this helps Ralph

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When it "smokes" place your hand in the cloud near the tailpipe. You can tell a lot about the condition of a engine by the smell of the exhaust.


Slight fuel, oil smell, white smoke that wets your hand is perfectly normal

Strong fuel smell, running rich

Sweet maple syrup type smell, antifreeze. On an ea that would more likeley be an intake gasket. Not a hard fix

Burnt oil, valve guides, keep tabs on oil use, if its excessve, like more than 2qts per change, you may look at doing these

Burnt oil, that doesnt smell like motor oil, trans fluid. Check the vacuum modulator, only on 3at

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