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Short Notice Snow Run

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Um. . .  The Hatch Patrol Xmas tree thing ain't gonna happen this year, not enough interest.


So instead, I'm going to head up to Snoqualmie Pass and play on Tinkham (sp?) Road.  A real nice climb into deep snow.  A foot fell a couple of days ago, some will fall tomorrow, and it will be snowing heavily on Saturday.  Perfect!


Lemme know if you want to follow me and my buddy up.  I'll be in the Jeep, he'll be in my old Toyota.  Both are fully locked, we have winches.  

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I might be able to convince the wife to attend this.  We were already thinking of getting up there on Saturday to introduce the new pup to snow.


No lifted ANYTHING in our fleet as of now, but we would probably take her Forester, which is practically lifted already compared to my WRX, do you expect there to be impassable sections this early in the year?

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