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Custom Fabricated 88 Subaru RX Bumpers


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Hey so today I made a cool front bumper for my Subaru RX. Its not done yet still going to build in a custom two piece skid plate into it. All I did to make this was cut the bumper support out until the only thing left was the support. Welding some steel tubing into it untill it started to take shape. I am pleased with how it came out i just need some WRC looking lights to complete the look I am going for. The rear bumper is 4x2 steel frame rail that I stacked onto each other and simply bolted them up to the stock location of the rear bumper support so I can switch back easily.


Stock Bumper support cut in half already.

Then removed some more of it


Welded the first 1x1 steel bar into the beast


Welded an interesting shape and stuck with it


Slowly started adding more metal 


Hood closed and fender just hanging on


Now moving onto the back

I built a custom trunk and frame into the car here it is without the bumper.


Looks intense already. Caged intense trunk also


another view


Custom rear bumper


Drilling holes




Don't mind the welds =) flux core wire no gas in the winter usually with snow coming in haha


Also some trunk pics


other side


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Thanks guys and yea the weather is going to be really nice up 58 degrees next week so I might just go absolutely nuts on the body work this weekend. I just grabbed two quarts of POR 15 going to test it on all the frame rails so I can put it on the ground do a quick test drive and not worry about the frame dying again.  

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