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Hey there everyone, 


I have started to some work on my new 1985 GL Hatchback. 


I am not super familiar with Subaru motors and I have intermediate/novice

skills as a car mechanic ( I know vintage motorcycles much better ) 


Anyways, I was removing my AC and its components and saw this and was wondering what

it went to? It is all metal, it goes down/behind/underneath the driver side valve cover. There is 

also a bracket behind it that looks like it may have supported something as well. 


My questions: 


– What is this? 

– What was attached to it? 

– Is this something I can operate the car safely without?

– Does anyone have a reference photo for a GL with this component(s) not missing?


Please see photo attached, I outlined the part in question in yellow.


Thanks pals. 




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If you keep it be sure to take the Philip screws out and check that the thin metal flaps haven't broken up. That and those plastic hat or saucer shaped unit upwind of the carburetor. Those also break down and little pieces of the plastic go into the carb and create problems.


The 85 or 86? Brat that I sold to Skip did just that. Poor Skip had the throttle stuck at some really bad moments going over the mountains heading home. Just a little FYI on that whole "air stream" circuit.

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