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OK. 2000 Outback with 2.5 and 4eat.


Son thought it was an off-road vehicle and did some mudding and crashed the transmission pan on a rock.


Sloow leak from tiny hole in dent, eventually would not engage drive and that's when I was informed.


Lots of mud removed, pan replaced, internal filter while I was there, new fluid.


Runs super.


Couple weeks later son complains car not engaging drive again. See posts about leaky seals and bad pumps etc. So decide to get Trans-x.


At Autozone with Trans-x in hand find out atf not registering on dipstick!


In with Trans-x and nearly 2 qt of atf and all ok again.


NEXT DAY it is 1qt down again and I CANNOT FIND A LEAK ANYWHERE!


Are there any mystery places atf can go???

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if there's no dripping or signs of it blowing-back under the car - maybe you failed to move the shift lever thru each gear after the fill? - and you MUST check the level while idling.


careful not to overfill - the lines are only about a pint apart - not a quart like engine oil.


it's 'possible' for that fluid to get pushed into the radiator.....not likely.

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