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EA 82 Pop-starts, but won't key-start ('92 Loyale)

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Grrr...very frustrated. 


The wagon was running just fine. I was headed for the coast to do some camping and beach clean-up. I stopped for a cup of coffee, and *click*- nothing else. Jump-start did nothing. I cajoled a good citizen into helping me push-start it (LOVE me some stick-shift!), and i was on my way. 


I got back home on less gas than I expected to use, and lo-and-behold the starter has a lifetime warranty. Out with the old one, in with the new one, and...*click*. Sonofa-----


Now what? I should have time to go at it again on Saturday, so what's the game plan? Again, it was running fine, and it starts right up if I roll it and pop a gear.  

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Sounds like the common high resistance somewhere in the wiring harness problem.  Hard to trace / find.  It's in the circuit from the start position of the ignition switch, transmission lockouts, a few connectors, and the wire to the starter.  I just did the relay mod.  There are a few threads on that.


To test for this - just get a piece of wire, attach to the start terminal on the back of the starter, touch the other end to the + battery.  If it cranks, it's the high resistance problem.

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I replaced my starter, then changed the relay, and in the end after many dealership $'s later it was actually just a loose wiring connection to the relay which was a cheap fix. Got to love friends who can help you pop the clutch to get you going.

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