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Soob powered, but something else

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I know this is a Subaru forum, and in at least part I can play. My car is not a Subaru, however, it is powered by a JDM EJ205 Subaru engine, it has a Subaru shortened and flipped diff transmission, and a Subaru electrical system from a 2003 WRX rally car.


However, from there the Subaru parts end there. It uses a VW beetle pan with Porsche 944 turbo brakes and suspension. 300mm drilled and slotted disks, with 4 piston calipers all the way around.


The motor has a divorced 3" exhaust with cat-less up pipe, and a xforce muffler. Total exhaust length is 3.5 feet. Intake is a direct ram air fed, true cold air intake system. It feeds the oversized 16G turbo, and liquid cooled charge cooler.


Too much to list really. All in all, total package is 1450 pounds, and puts out 350hp. This is still very much a WIP.




sry links to one drive not allowed


here is my outdated build blog



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Your vehicle looks Great, thank you for Sharing.


Long ago, another USMB member had a kit car like that, but Green, it was an unfinished project... I'm glad to see a finished one, it looks Great!


Do you have Videos? ... Kind Regards.

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Decent car for a starting point. I wonder where He/She is on it now. These projects have a tendency to take decades to complete.


Ive increased my rear track to 66" and 63" in the front, using the porsche bits.

Im in the middle of soldering the JDM ECU into the USDM harness. Its about 180 wires in all. Then I have to relocate all of the engine and transmission plugs to the rear of the car.

Id post a couple of the photos I have, but this site says it does not allow one drive photo links.



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But I like keeping my build stuff on my own terms. Too many people there, and other places expressing their "opinions" on how I should build my car.

I came here to get some help/insight/pointers into the H6 install on my buddies rig. And if I run into any issues with my WRX setup.

To look, listen, and learn... (and ask questions)

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