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99 legacy outback, another won't start question

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I'm fairly new to subaru, but I do know cars fairly well, I'm just on an issue I've never had. 


I have a slight oil leak, and I was just wanting to clean it up, since I can't fix it, yet. I went to the car wash and cleaned off the motor. I did my best to stay away from electronics, but maybe some water got somewhere it shouldn't. This is where I'm having trouble. 


At the car wash, I start the car, put it in drive and it dies. Try to start, no go. Look under the hood, don't see anything I accidentally knocked loose or anything like that. 


Try again, car starts. Check engine light comes on. 


about a 5 minute drive to home, I catch a light. Car dies, won't start, push it out of the road. Sit for a few, starts, dies, starts, make it home. I let it run while I unloaded the car, thinking it seemed okay. Car dies again, and is dead. Cranks, but no fire. New fuel pump, new ignition coil.


Now to add the odd part. When the ignition is ON, but the car not running (obviously) I hear a LOUD buzzing. Track it down to the transmission, I can actually feel the pan vibrate. Checked fuses, fuel flows, spark is good. But still no start. 


Anyone have any ideas I could try? I looked around, but my issue seems to either be several at once, or none match it right. 

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