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i got an 87 gl wagon with a spfi set up. im getting code 14 which is fuel injector abnormal output. when cranking it spurts 2 then stops for about 5 seconds then just 2 spurts. would this be a bad injector, wiring, or a bad ecu?

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more testing needed.

Check the injector, ohms of coil and ohms to gnd.

Apply power, it should spray if the fuel pump has been run.  Don't do this for long, you are flooding the engine.

Check the wiring from the ECU to the injector.  Good idea to check with ohm meter, AND also by applying 12V - while disconnected from the ECU.


ECU failures are rare.


A factory service manual is invaluable.  ebay or search online / on the forum for links / uploads.

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