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SPFI inlet manifold temp sender bias

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Even though I am down under I possess a pair of spfi inlet manifolds, primarily for their neat throttle body and interchangeability between EA81 and 82 carb heads


Playing with my second one at the moment, moving the small coolant line so not to rub the dizzy up the wrong way. Have drilled and tapped a 27 tpi taper and used brass compact male to female fitting to add brass straight barb


This is where a useless cast tower sat on the flat behind thermostat


Had to swap brake booster barb to suit RHD. The LHD port hole has become the vac port for dash controls


The coolant temp sender...I noticed only sits in the coolant plenum/ tunnel from pots #1 and 3. There is a divider at this point for #s 2 and 4 to meet up below the thermostat.


It would be interesting to have a sender in the other side to see if things are even.


I am going to use the convenient M16 1.5 hole of the temp sender for a half inch barbed brass fitting to feed a snail????


So the CTS hole below needs to be tapped out to take the coolant sender

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Having done this swap (I wrote the manual), I can tell you that the Weber has better performance. With availibilty of parts becoming much more difficult a Weber now makes a lot more sense than SPFI.



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Room for another chapter GD?


My first spfi manifold sits on my 20/60 0.235" lift cammed EA81 with a propane mixer 125 by Impco via an adaptor I made coz yacant buy one


While playing with it I could see its potential as perfect for either ea81 or 2 single port head and snail (turbo- you may have missed that finer detail)


Mate, for economy international postage costs I let the seller keep the TBI bit!

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