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Shelve this for mid summer US time

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A thought came to me as I tore down the highway in near 100F ambient air temps (measured in a twin louvred air flow controled white box) so its 15 degrees or more hotter in the sun.


My EA82 is cooler than it has ever been before on a day like today...why ???


Nah, Nah..I got a twin core, I got a twin core


Stupid thing is, it is the EA81 radiator !


 The EA82 that sits in my Brumby is happy. This is better than the EA82 rad on its own or even with the AC condensor I plumbed up for extra fins and water capacity.


So, never read of anyone sugesting, trying or using an EA81 radiator in their EA82 series veehickle


If I was able to run ann EA82 rad in my EA81 body, why cant someone do opposite in their EA82 bodies??

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I did it years ago as a temp rad... its a different height to the L series, got close to the EA82 and in general was not a very nice looking setup...


N13 or N14 (can't remember now) pulsar rad on the other hand, nice fit once moved over to clear the EJ22 cam cover. Got a dual core unit and it handles temps very well even with my crappy bash plate that does nothing to help create negative pressure in the engine bay to help draw air through the radiator... we drove across the Nullarbor in 43 degree heat with AC cranked and the car fully loaded without any issues :D





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