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Best piston and rod combo for naturally aspirated EJ22

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Before I spend the bucks for my engine I thought I would post and get some advise to see if theres a better set up out there.


 I ran this for two races last year(hopefully picture loads) . Circle track car . It has to be a 2.2 . Homemade intake with 500 holley , escort distributor. Ran great for having 222,000 miles . Its time to build some HP. I would like to twist this to 8500 if need be. I called wiesco and they can make me some flat tops for 150-200.00 each which should get me close to 12:1 . I was going to purchase some rods , either Manley or Eagle I beams . 


Anything I should watch out for? Maybe a different brand? less cost? Your input would be greatly appriciated before I go spend a chunk of change .   


Picture didnt load (too big of file) and I dont know how to change  it   

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Sounds fun.


I'm NOT an engine builder/expert but FYI the stock rods and  crank are forged in the '90-'98 (maybe the '99-'01) EJ22e, from what I've read.




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Ceramic coated piston's for sure.     Back in the mid 90's I ran an early 2.2 ,in a 1980 4wd hatchback . Bone stock other than modified intake 500 cfm holly and  I think it was a courier distributor, on a high bank dirt track  ... GREAT FUN  ... huge black hole for $  .I lost most of the  the time running against the 2500 ford 4cly.  I could blow by them in the corners "running low" they had to float up to the top. Then down the straightaway they blew by me...   I miss it !   Wish our track never shut down.

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