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Hi Experts :-)

The car is my 2002 Impreza TS wagon, with the EG25 and 5 speed, the engine and transmission have 220,000 km (136,000 mi). 

My car will not move, the engine will stall as soon as I let out the clutch, I also cannot push it even in neutral. My first thought was that the parking break was stuck but in troubleshooting I jacked up each end one end at a time and both axles are free to move on their own, if I turn one wheel the other rotates in the opposite direction with no real resistance. Just prior to this I was hearing a gear whine, but since I had just swapped the transmission and thought it might be normal, since the original transmission had worn out syncros, I also thought I heard a clunk when I backed it up into the spot it is stuck in now. Any suggestions as to what is wrong?



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Have you looked at the shift input shaft while someone is shifting in the car?

Might have disconnected or is stuck against something since you were just in there.

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I have not checked the shift input shaft, but since it was in reverse (since I backed into the place that it is now) and I can let the clutch out in neutral that makes me think that it is working. I will see once I get it dragged to a shop (I do work at a trades college so can use a nice shop occasionally). 

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