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97 legacy needs new trans , donor is a 96 Impreza.Both have 5MT transmissions in them as of now

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My transmission is TY752VACAA the donor trans is TY752VA5AA.  
Both have exactly the same gear ratios ,except for 5th.  Mine is .780 the donor is .825. 
what if any issues might I have, without swapping the rear diff or driveshaft. 
The Impreza that Im getting the trans from was originally an automatic. Someone had done a manual swap on it, I checked the vin decoder.   The donor has a 1.8l ej18 engine in it now. I have a 2.2l ej22. 
I’m unsure of the rear diff on that (donor vehicle )if it was swapped when the manual was put in. 
But with all the gearing the same other than 5th, should I be good with just swapping the transmission?


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Added photo , transmission chart
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It will bolt in and work regardless of what EJ engine is used.

If the final drive ratio is the same, you won’t have any drive issues. It will rev higher in fifth though. 

Your speedo may not be accurate, you’ll have to suck it and see - the speedo drive gear may be different and thus give a different speedo output signal rate. A speedo corrector may be needed. 



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