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Max tire size for 5.5 inch 1992 legacy rims?


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With 5.5" wide wheels its "recommended" to run tires 6.4"-6.8" width with tires 7.3" wide as the max. The ATV tires would fit, but you would only be running on the center of the tread.However, Legacy rims will not fit on a subaru brat because they have different bolt patterns 5x100 vs 4x140.Also 23" tires would suck on a brat because they come with tires that sized anyway.Also weight of the brat may be an issue because subaru Brats are significantly heavier than ATV's.

Many moons ago I ran an 83 wagon with 7-14 tractor tires on 14" nissan 6 lug steel wheels.It did well in the mud, sucked on rocks and tree roots, and was piss poor on deep snow. I ran stock tires to get where I wanted to play then I changed out the tires when I got to trail.In mud they had perfect traction and went everywhere at least until it ran out of ground clearance.7-14's are about 27" tall.With an ea81 you wont have enough power to spin them and make mud fly.Flooring it just makes the car move faster. Eventually, I got some 29" mud tires that didnt do as good in mud but they did much better in varied terrain.

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