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Intermittent Dead Battery

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Hello all,

2019 Toyota GT86 TRD Edition

I know this sounds dumb, "just replace the battery", but my battery tests fine at NAPA every time as well as the alternator. It'll start up fine in the morning, drive fine, I go to the store, get back in and it either has a super hard and slow start or it is dead. I've even driven it four a few hours and then parked, same result. If the charging system is fine then possibly something is pulling excessive amperage?

Jump the battery, perfect 14 volts w/perfect start. Has anyone had this issue? I find it hard to believe the factory alarm system would drain it while locked/parked. Also, they're absolutely no aftermarket parts on my 86. The battery is Toyota factory, about two years old.

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On 9/2/2020 at 2:19 AM, glsubby said:

No wrecks (I had a cosmetic bumper tap but the engines so far back it didn’t impact). No mods or aftermarket anywhere. I did jump my GL once or twice with it. Maybe I didn’t let it run after for a while and this bogged the battery down? 


Have you managed to solve this issue? It is important to at least start the car from time to time to avoid such issues. 

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This seems to be an ongoing issue with certain later model Suburu's. My 16 outback routinely has the battery die. I simply carry a portable jumper in the car and jump it when it does. However, I think that the battery does not have enough cranking amps to properly address starting it when you drive around town on short trips frequently and use the heater, seat heater, radio, monitor and the rest. Even the Suburu service guys, who actually are nice folks up my way, admitted I should get a different battery with more cranking amps as the issue is " a common one".  I'm planning on getting a gel battery in the near future. Maybe even tomorrow. It wouldn't start today after being driven just two days ago. Weather is cold here though.

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