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    2010 Subaru Forester
  1. Have you managed to solve this issue? It is important to at least start the car from time to time to avoid such issues.
  2. 1990carenthu

    5th Gen Legacy

    The engine compartment looks really clean. Your wheels and tires look fresh. How many miles do you have on your car? What will be the next upgrade for this sedan?
  3. 1990carenthu

    Backroad Beater

    I wish you all the best with the modification of this car. You can check 4WheelOnline for other accessories which you can install in this vehicle. Keep us posted on the progress.
  4. Thank you for taking us on this adventure. It seems like a pretty tough trail, which off-road tires do you have on this car?
  5. 1990carenthu

    Hey Guys

    How are you all? I am the latest addition to this community and below is a photo of my ride.