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Need a part for a 2009 Impreza ASAP Seattle

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Hello.  I am a long time member, haven't posted in a while.

I am trying to help a friend in need.  She has a 2009 Impreza Sedan.  2.5i is the sub-model I guess.  I have the full VIN number for the vehicle.

We need a lower control arm for the right (passenger) side.  FRONT

She tried ordering one from Partsgeek.  Five days later she gets the part in and it's the wrong part, not even close.

We need to get this car on the road ASAP.  I don't have the wherewithal or time now to drive out to a junkyard and yank one myself.  Years ago there used to be a website or whatever that I could go to and find people to bid on pulling parts locally.  I actually used the site a long time ago to get a transmission for my Legacy Wagon.  That was years and years ago and I can't find the site now.

Does anyone know if that's still a viable way to get this part fast, or does anyone have the part or any way to get it otherwise?

I live in Renton, Washington.  I am willing to drive a ways to get it, just not up to crawling around a junkyard.





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Needs a whole control arm?


If you're desperate, the dealer will be the most accurate way. They come with the ball joint, where aftermarket typically does not, but they can usually be had in a day or 2, and you'll be completely sure it's correct (looked up by VIN).

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I had forgotten about car-part.com.

Binford is where I ended up going.  It was raining sideways so I gave them $25 to pull it for me for pickup tomorrow.  The bushing looks like it may have been a little rough, but I need to get this car on the road ASAP.  It is parked somewhere it shouldn't be and not drivable like it is.

Thanks again.

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