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Irl meet ‘n’ greet ‘n’ tinker in the PNW?

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Is anyone with a lot of ea82 experience in the Puget Sound, WA area willing to meet up and discuss Subaru stuff at least once? I need to pick some brains and would love to do it in person. I’m not a licensed surgeon but a good conversationalist. 

I have a 1990 loyale I’ve done some work on (front bearings, front seals, timing, rear suspension) and want to do much more with. I have a pretty good theoretical understanding of mechanical engineering and car stuff, but I’m an amateur at best.

I will be commuting from Oly to Seattle frequently in the coming year so anyone between Portland and Bellingham is within my range. 

I have lots of really cool rocks I’ve collected over the years, from agates to obsidian, petrified wood, and quartz crystals. Maybe you’re into rocks, too.







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What would you like to know? Local to the Seattle area... cannot always get out IRL however can usually answer most Loyale questions

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I am a career Master Tech in the Seattle area. I have a lot of Subaru EA series experience (been doing this for 40+ years) but I have very little free time. I will try and help when and if I can.

Awesome house and property BTW if that is yours :)

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