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Plaid interiors

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My drivers seat is disintegrating at an alarming rate.  I relayed this to a buddy that has an affinity for plaid interiors.  He suggested porcshe plaid fabric as a possible replacement that would be readily available.  Since the VW plaids weren't even close.

Some quick searching and I give you Porsche Karo Madras 5710 as a close approximation for the brown plaid early 80's interior.  It's maybe got a little bit more orange in it than the original but the overall tone seems close to the original.

It's not perfect but if anyone knows of a better approximation please let me know or if you have tried this material and can comment on the results please let me know.


For reference, subaru plaid interiors database.

Example of the porsche Karo Madras 5710 brown plaid.

Karo Madras Brown / Beige / Orange - Justin Placek1,920 × 1,440

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Moving forward with the reupholster of my 81 GL wagon front seats (only) going to try the Karo Madras 5710 brown plaid from Relicate.

Here are some pictures of the fabrics side by side.

Fyi if your drivers side seat leans to the passenger side as mine did, caused by pushing on the seat back as you wiggle in, you might have a broken frame near the adjustment mechanism it was a wonder the seat gave any support at all.

Oh one more thing to remove the GL headrests you need to take the seat cover off then reach thru the front foam in two places and pull a pin, the head rest will then slide out.

There are three rods for hog ring placement, the bottom one is the longest then the middle front has extra curly ends and the back top rod is the shortest one.

Construction of the seat is as follows from outside in:

  1. Woven plaid material/vinyl sides
  2. A cotton or some sort of backing where your rear end sits
  3. Plastic but only on the shoulders and back of the seat.
  4. Foam molded into the seat springs
  5. Steel frame

Duplicate pictures are with and without flash









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