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2007 Impreza 2.5i: adding a cruise control

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I have a 2007 Impreza EJ25 SOHC installed in my VW Syncro camper.

I'd like to add a factory cruise control.  

I've looked at a few online vendors.  I see many direct fit (not universal kits) that fit the Impreza, but none for years between 2004-2011.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance.


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Being a drive by wire engine the ECU controls cruise control. But I'm guessing you have about a billion diagnostic codes if it's swapped using the factory ECU and CC will not function if you have even a single fault code present. So it's unlikely to ever function. 

Rewire the engine with a LINK ECU. Then you can implement cruise control. https://linkecu.com/


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My understanding after speaking with the company that performed the engine conversion on my van a few weeks ago, is that they've revised the factory ECU (fuel map, etc?) and explicitly mentioned the need to do this to suppress meaningless fault codes.  So I've driven 10,000 miles now, and I've made periodic observations using my OBD2 hand held.  I've only had one recurring code that turned out to be legit and remedied with a new MAF (I'll clean the old one and hold on to it for future testing).  I also had a CV axle mounted speed sensor that was missing one of its three magnets... causing an occasional hiccup when "flying straight and level" but no fault codes (behavior confirmed with the vendor).

I haven't talked to them about adding a CC yet.  Perhaps later this week.

In the interim, I'm still wondering why there isn't an aftermarket CC solution for this model and narrow range of years?  Vendors have reproduced the CC for other models and years, but not mine.  I'm wondering if I could simply obtain used equipment, and replace the steering wheel buttons with my own?


Thanks in advance.


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