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Clutch and rear AWD question

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Clutch. I bought a parts car for the 5 speed AWD tranny. I'm converting a FWD auto to AWD manual. The donor car had no history but reading through papers I found in it, the lady who owned it mentioned "Needs new clutch". However, after I pulled the tranny off the car I found that the clutch plat had 50% of the pad left. The pressure plate and flywheel has small blue spots. I've heard this may indicate that the clutch was slipping?!?

I'm replacing the clutch/PP/Rel Bearing/Pilot Bearing. Anything to be concerned about?


Rear AWD (1988). Bought rebuilt rear half shafts. They came without the dust boot (end caps) on the half shafts. Are these important?

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you can tap off the dust caps off the old axles on the donor (if it has them) and put them on the new axles. not necessary, but good to have to help protect the seals from road hazards, gravel, etc.....

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