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I have a 98 postal legacy. The AWD has quit working and it is now only FWD.

Is this electronically controlled? And if so, is there a fuse/breaker/reset I can try?

The "check engine" light is on, can this be related?

I would take it to a dealer but of the two dealers in my area I have had problems with both of them and do not trust them.



winter is coming and I can sure use the AWD

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While I can't specifically tell you where to look, there is a possibility that this can be solved electrically. On our '96, there was a connector under the hood, right side, on the firewall, pretty close to the hinge. I would assume that the 98's are almost the same.


This connector was designed to allow disabling of the AWD system by simply shorting the pins. I would first check that connector to see if there is a short, for some reason. If there is no short there, look at the schematics (Haynes Manual) to follow the line to see what else lies in its path. Hopefully, you'll be able to track it down one element at a time.


Hope this helps.




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