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91 loyale in Syr

Hesitation in intermittent wipers 91 loyale

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Hi everyone-Over the last couple weeks Ive noticed that when i use the intermittent wipers they seem to "hesitate" at the beginning of the cycle. They'll climb an inch or so- pause for a second or 2, than continue on their way. Sometimes it will happen twice in the beginning of each cycle. It doesnt happen every time. It doesnt happen at any other wiper speed, they all work fine though they seem to be a little slower than they used to be. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.....

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My 92 is doing the exact same thing all of a sudden, I am very interested to hear some replys.


I just assumed it was a bad switch.....but maybe ????

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wipers doing the "herky jerk"


very common problem on our vintage Roo's


A search for "intermittent wiper problems" might find some of the old posts.


but as I remember


There are several contributing problems.


1) The timer module PCB solder connections - most common.

Some have resoldered them or

a boneyard model may work - (it is mounted on the trim panel

that is above you knees when driving.)



2) A corroded ground connection at the wiper motor. (under one of the three wiper gear box cover screws)


3) The park position swiper arm contact (inside the wiper gear box cover)


Good luck, a lot of us have this suffered this problem at one time or another.

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