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My next door neighbor just gave me a full time AWD turbo GL wagon with a blown head. I'm not into automatic tranny usually but the full time AWD sound kind of nice. I always wanted a street suby and an off road suby. The turbo is the obvious street ride. Does anyone out there like the auto tranny or should I put in a 5 speed?

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well depending if you want the car mobile right away, fix the head and get it running and driving. once it moves then you can contemplate a 5spd. you would want to use a turbo tranny, to match the axles, but you will have to swap on the vacuum solenoidt for the 4wd machanism


a dual rance has a mechanical 4wd lever in the car, but to swap to it you will need 23 spline axles. as far as turbo fatness axles, you can use axles for an 3spd auto turbo, 2wd or 4wd. the axles will be the same diameter and have the same doj but the spline is correct for a dual range


but if you can find the rx full time dual range that will go right in


the rear difr would be the same for a turbo tranny but a dual range needs a dual range to go with.


you will need a driveshaft, tranny crossmember and bolts, and a clutch/flywheel. these will be the same as ANY 4wd 5spd


ddonbt forget the pedall assembly too!

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