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So i have a question not to be a surprise but, "surprise":


If someone has used a home made or "thule" rack setup of just a couple or a few trim mounted pieces ...say 2 oe 3 and would anyone offer up a weight limit for the total roof rack for safety sack?


I'm working on a kit design for hauling one of my wagons "pigyback style" on the back of one of the tractors I'd be *hauling/moving* from where ever to whereevere...


And I have a weight from a fellow driver who uses this idea with his minivan and its an all steel setup that weighs in at just over 600 lbs.


so without further ado i think i'll goto bed and update more tomorrow i guess.

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I'm not quite following what you are asking....??


You are planning on Lifting the front end of a Wagon off the ground and towing it behind a Tractor/Semi....??


How does that require Roof Weight.....???


what age car are you planning on doing this with...??


I built My roof-Rack for the BEAST, it mounted to the gutter rails on the roofline, and I've had as much as 500 lbs up on it .....


I'd imagine that an EA-82 car mounted up the same way could handle the same weight.....


hope that helps you, John

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okay rough reply:

two sections of tubular (square) steel approx. 4"X4"X7'(or less? as its the width of vehicle in mind) each piece of steel is a cross bar "pinch-plated to the tractors two frame rails.


4 pieces of ramp (two for the vehicle to be strapped to in "piggy back fashion on the rear of the last tractor) and the other two to be used as actual ramps up onto the strap-down ramps.... then stored(bolted) to the sides of the ramps that are bolted to cross beams...


there thats the steel design i saw in person that fellow was using for his minivan for this same purpose and the whole setup he welded together weighted in about 600 lbs....



hows that now? (i hope its less jumbled)

I'm looking at useing two sets of aluminum ramps from a company that has been making them for some time... or someone recomended that might be cheaper??? and that way shave off a few hundered pounds of steel for a 100 or so pounds of aluminum?


shade and sweetwater,

electryc monk

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Draw a picture or something... this makes no sense to me; cant picture it at all :/


Weight on the roof? I got my hi-lift jack up there on my Thule rack and with a lot of wind it makes for tired arms on the interstates :( Obviously it can hold a lot more weight but I wouldnt want it up there. I have a wagon to haul stuff in, roof is last resort for me. However areodynamics doesnt really seem to apply to what you are building here from what I can kind-of gather.

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