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I have a 93' Loyale and it is bucking horribly. I had a tech run the codes and he said that I need a new airflow sensor to the tune of $700. I found an airflow meter, which I think is the same thing for $250 online. How hard are they to put in?:headbang:

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As far as installing the MAF itself your'e looking at about a 7 minute job allowing 1 minute to open and close the hood and 2 minutes to admire your handiwork. I can't say for certain on the price. I would think theres backward compatibility at least to late 1989 and probably with all the ea-82 Non Turbo cars (DL,GL) till 87. If thats the case you should be able to get one through this board much cheaper. We often buy whole cars for $250 but the prices you'll see from a wrecking yard can be awfully high.

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'93 Loyale eh... AA100 MAF


you will need to look @ the electronic part hooked up to the MAF. There are some numbers and letters, the top right set is what your looking for.


The unit comes out (running on SPFI knowledge here) with 1 phillips screw that attaches the ari inlet hose to the MAF, and (4) four 12mm? or 14mm? bolts that attach the MAF to the Airbox.


Very simple.


The stock MAF for my '90 Loyale (SPFI) was AA100 . DO NOT let a Junkyard give you a XT6 MAF. My car accepted it, then ran a higher idle afterwards of 1100 RPMS or so...I didnt like it at first so I tried to swap back with the correct (AA100) and my car wouldnt accept it. The car would die INSTANTLY anytime I tried anything other than running without MAF or the XT6 i got from the junkyard. I know for a fact it wasnt the MAF's problem, because I even went as far as 600$ to buy a new one. The car still refused it, but the whole time I could run with/without a MAF, or run the XT6 MAF.


So now im stuck with an 1100 RPM idle (which ive grown to love) and an XT6 MAF.... a bit of a HP gain was noticed too.


Sorry to get off track, but I had to share a weird MAF story. I still havent figured out why my Loyale wont accept the stock MAF anymore :cornfuzz:

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