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Evans Creek Photos (broadband only, 20+ pics)

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So I wanted to dump all my photos in a thread without cluttering up someone else's.


Let's make this an Evans creek photo thread. Feel free to add your own pics if you'd like.


Any of this pics can be had in hi-res glory upon request.







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and it was fun!! (yes, I am refurring to the "ride of my life" up the trail standing on the rear diff of a rail-buggy.... but I am ok... just have a little battle scars... (I get hurt more often working on my car, and i dont have fun doing that!) but anyways... I took quite a few pics- about 150+ but a lot were just random pics... (scenery, and trucks that did funny things like tip over!)


i have a few good ones I can try to post, unless someone (tex? brian?) wants to host some of them for me?


damage report on my car-

*CV boot on the turbo side blew up and spattered hot grease on a hotter turbo on the freeway on saturday morning in Kent... (figures!)

*car got hot several times... (not overheated, but one notch on the digi-temp guage from red)

*mud on car (remember it was my "show car"

*wires to starter flaked out and caused starter to fail.... (had to push start it at the top of a peak! , by myself!)


I saw a lot from the top where i discovered my starter issue!


the girl with the Forrester was cool- she had the nerve to take a 2003 forrester offroad! i got to ride in it up one of the trails, but we didnt go too far.... rocks started to hit the splash guard in front, so she decided to turn around (she let me do the backing down the trail :D )


here is one of my XT doing 4 wheel spins up a mini-hill climb!

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Go for it. Its hosted on my home DSL though so the speed may not be the best...


Also there are a few pics of personal nature. Pics of our campsite and such...

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