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Changing my Sig---Rant Mode On!!!

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OK I'm really thinking I should change my board name to Roseanne Rosanna Danna,,,"If it's not one thing it's another!"

I have done two tranny changes this week. Last night I got the latest tranny in and took the car out drinking,,,er,,,for a test drive. Everything was great till this morning. Driving to the shop and my oil pressure drops off and the car starts to smell like burnt oil. And when I stop it starts to smoke pretty good. Popped the hood to find oil everywhere but no sign of a leak. Rev the motor up and I find the leak alright. Damn o-ring betwean the cam case and head has expired with extreme prejudice and is squirting oil when the pressure hits hard. So I got the extreme pleasure of resealing the passenger side cam case in a sea of oil spray,,,yummy,,,and of course being a flaming stupid idiot I managed to put the cam sprocket back on 180 degrees off. Suprisingly it ran. OK rant mode off,,,thanks for listening.

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Guest subu luvr


had one similar episode recently,

aquired a car that had an aftermarket oil press gauge.


about two weeks later i see a bit of a drip, the much more,

then its all over the place and rippling up the hood on the highway.


cant quite tell where its coming from, so i tear the whole front

end off, do the seals, and an aluminum radiator.


all back together, take it for a ride, see drips again.

same quanitity, but no clear leaks on the clean block...



stuck a web cam in a plastic bag, tape that to a stick, start the motor, and see the tiny plastic hose from the oil pump to the aftermarket gauge has a pinhole leak and its shooting a narrow stream of oil at the motor.....



*sigh* so it goes





"ya never know for sure, till its too late"

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You may need to explain who Roseanne Rosanna Danna is. I'm not sure if the younger crowd on this board would know who Roseanne Rosanna Danna is. I mean, I was still in diapers when Gilda started doing that character on SNL as14.gif

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