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Where to get performance parts for 87 GL sedan?

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I am pretty sure I'm going to be getting this car very soon, so I wanted to know where to get things like suspension parts and maybe a few engine performance parts. And I've read on here something about a hub conversion for this car to get better brakes I think. Which car is it from? Thanks alot.

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Suspension parts.. what exactly do you want? lift? lower? higher spring rate?


engine performance.. the lack of available aftermarket stuff limits this, but there are a few things you can do.. question is, what do you have? carb? spfi? mpfi? turbo? the answer to that will make a little difference on what is available.


Hub conversion. you can get rear discs for you car, but which hubs you use will depend on whether the car is 4wd or 2wd. you can also modify the hubs for use with 6 lug wheels. or you can do an xt6 swap


so as you can see, no one can really answer your question very well.. there is not enough info supplied abouit what you already have and what your goal is.


After you figure out what you have and what you want, do a search. everything you want has probably been covered at least twice.

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There are two ways to make a "super-roo form the 80's"


1. Find a few kick rump roast 80's cars...XT6, RX, Turbo XT, and GL-10 turbos, and 4wd models...and take the best parts from them, and slap them onto your car.


example: My GL-10 has the XT serpintine belt system. XT turbo 4wd rear suspension, and XT6 FT4WD 20MM rear swaybar. (it did have a front 20MM sway bar form an XT6, but i removed it) I also have the XT6 FT4WD 5spd tranns sitting around waiting to be installed into my GL-10. Oh, btw: my GL-10 used to be an auto. Then...find some alloys, slap them on there...RX suspension...the list goes on.


2. Make your own parts.

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