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Conversion and repair questions

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What all is involved in replacing a head gasket on an AE82?


What all is involved in converting from auto 4wd to manual 4wd?


There's a 91 wagon with a blown h/g fairly close to me.

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The Auto to Manual 4wd conversion is pretty easy. Just did it on my 87 a few months ago


You will need:




clutch kit w/ TO bearing

tranny x-member

manual pedal assembly

Shifter assembly

maual center console piece

You might need the drive shaft.. don't know if manual and auto are different.. my car was an auto, but was a shell when I got it.. no driveshaft

Hillholder is optional.. I was short on time, do I didn't install it.. I live in NE TX now, so it isn't any big deal.. no hills

Depending on which manual tranny you use, you made need the 4wd solenoid that mounts on the drivers side strut tower


I think thats everything. I will update the list If I think of anything else

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Eazy bolt in swap. The peddal assy. is the hardest part. ( do your self a favor and take aout the driver side front seat while U do the peddals!) When U do it don't do what I did and run the cluch cable ON TOP of the steering shaft. Now I need to take the shaft aprart @ the joint and get the cable UNDER the shaft:rolleyes: And the front 1/2 of the drive shaft IS diferant between the 5spd and auto, but the back 1/2 ( from dif to CB) is the same.

Hope that helps.

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