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cyclops boy

gas tank for 81 wagon,where to buy?

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Yeah - or find a Junk yard that doesn't punch holes in them. Don't know where your from, but some yards do, and others don't. A new tank is over $300. Get yours welded, or get a used one.



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My Brat "Brat Patrol" has internal rust flakes that plug up the pick up tube.

A Harley rider friend speaks of a gas tank sealer they use on old shovels tanks and such

First an acid "etching" solution is added, then the sealer is put in - sloshed about, the excess poured out and then let it dry.


Has anyone ever heard of this treatment?

A quick Goggle search turned up one of my favorite companies

POR 15

Think I may try this


This is feasible for our applications (all boneyard tanks in my area look toast and 300 GW's is not in the cards

Maybe I should post a new thread?

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sry took so long too reply, anyway gonna use muric acid to etch it then seal it with the stuff i found a while ago at a motorcycle shop ive done it with bike tanks and it worked,i just drove out to phoenix from connecticut and half way here my fuel system stoped agreeing with me! car was sitting in ct since 96 got it for 100$ little wrenchin and i was on my way only 91000 miles on it im siked!glad i found you guys this is a great web site,

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