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Thank The Gods, I made it home.

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I had some family stuff to do in portland this weekend GRRR.


Anyhow drove down there, and around portland Saw an SVX on 82nd for $3200, saw tons of roobaru's... only one other XT, on Hawthorne? anyhow Made it down there pretty good... did about 290 to a full tank with Half freeway and half city... Fast as HE!! took on a RX8 on the way back... (He kept egging me on...) kept nose to nose... for a few seconds. then I saw the trooper.... and backed off.. then The men in blue pulled him...


anyhow... made it with no serios problems other than Discovering A leak in the sunroof. (DAMNED STOP AND GO TRAFFIC) and a bad IAC valve.




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GODS????? How many do you worship???


Amazingly enough, polytheism still exists. Please.. just don't go there.

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